We had a great time at the Associate Championship

We had a great time at the Associate Championship

Like every year at this time, the Golf of Roca has celebrated the Associate Championship. The competition that determines the champions of our club. On this occasion, the event was held throughout November 25, with departures to two tees from 8.30 in the morning. Who said that waking up early in the morning doesn’t worth it!

This year, the club’s champions at Scratch have been Berta Sánchez (75 hits) and Nil Mañer (76 hits). From here we want to take this opportunity to congratulate you! We also want to thank the rest of the participants who have spent the day with us and have accompanied us on this very entertaining day.

A celebration of golf!

Regardless of the competitive part of the day, in the Golf la Roca we love making pineapple. Therefore, all participants have been able to enjoy a breakfast and a snack-meal consisting of: ham cut, homemade croquettes, cheese, fideuá, paella, drink and coffee.

See you at the next club events!

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