The Match Golf Cup arrives at Golf la Roca

The Match Golf Cup arrives at Golf la Roca

On Saturday, September 30, we celebrated our MatchGolf Cup number 15 event. More than 70 players, a total participation success in a fantastic day in terms of climatologically speaking, 24 degrees, total absence of wind and a perfect field, where the results are very high and all the players totally enjoy a great day of golf.

All ready to start a fantastic day of Golf with all matchgolfers ready from 8.20 until 10.20, where we left for the tee of 10 and from 10.00 for the tee of 1.

More and more excitement as the MatchGolf Cup reaches the last holes, as all the participants have in sight the Grand Final that will be played in two days in Torremirona and Mas D’Aro. In both categories all players are struggling to be in the top five positions, and thus depend only on them, as marked by the rules of the MatchGolf Cup and the score of the American FedexCup.

Finally the victory is for the player Miquel Montserrat with 40 Stableford points and a fantastic card. The second-place overall and 3-event winner, Ferran Casals Riera this week has rested and is ready for the next event in St. Vicenç de Montalt.

In the top HCP category, Ramon Rovira repeats another victory! Ramón, 73, is the oldest Matchgolfer and has already won the MatchGolf Cup twice! From MatchGolf we congratulate very effusively this fantastic victory, an example to follow!

A great organization, coming out from the tees with more than 70 players without a single minute of delay! Congratulations and thanks to the staff of Golf La Roca. A fantastic day that presents this year more and more followers in the MatchGolf Cup. We already look towards the future and by 2018 we prepare great news that we will announce soon.

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