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A useful practice area

Our great practice area, in combination with our Academy, is perfect to raise your game to the next level.

Start with us!

Golf made simple: we bring you all the tools to hone your skills. If you are a beginner we have the perfect setting: a great practice area with driving range, putting green, approach area and 3 short practice holes.

We also offer a gym room so you can warm up like a pro, and a teaching room with the latest technology.

We strive to make golf easier for you

Experience a different approach to the game of golf, indulge yourself and enjoy!

The routes

In permanent contact with nature

Golf La Roca Barcelona offers 5 flat and “live” routes to achieve a unique game experience each day.


Hole by hole

Each hole is a new challenge to improve

The 3 lakes are very captivating and make water come into play in a very special way.


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